We do it all for you. Manage your investments, update your financial plan whenever you need, open your accounts, make your trades. And best of all, we are just a phone call or email away. We’ll even prepare your tax returns.

Preparing for and living your dream begins with smart wealth management

Figuring out how to invest your money can be tough. There are many different approaches and a vast amount of information touting various strategies and investments. Just thinking about where to start sifting through all this information can be overwhelming. Even if you take the time to do the research, you might still be questioning if your money is invested correctly.

Rowling & Associates has a unique perspective. We developed one of the leading portfolio rebalancing software solutions in the country, Total Rebalance Expert. It was so successful that Morningstar® purchased it in 2015. This makes us the experts in tax-efficient investing. With this cutting-edge software, the R&A team can use strategies such as :

Location Optimization

This is where we place specific asset classes in accounts with unique tax traits. The simplest example is placing bonds in an IRA so that the bond interest isn’t taxable income.

Tax-Loss Harvesting

Capital losses are good forever until you use them. They offset investment gains to lower, and sometimes eliminate, capital gains tax. We take advantage of market swings to lock in losses while keeping your money 100% invested.

Capital gain minimization

We sell high cost lots in order to limit the amount of capital gains you incur.

Capital gain distribution avoidance

This may sound counter-intuitive, but you want to avoid capital gains distributions from mutual funds. The share price goes down by the same amount that gets distributed. So all you are getting is a taxable capital gain. This can be avoided if you move to a similar mutual fund without a capital gain distribution.

This is just a small sampling of the things we do to manage your wealth in a tax-efficient way. There are also strategies like deciding to execute a Roth conversion, creating a charitable remainder trust, how best to save for college, or figuring out the best way to organize your estate plan. Email Rowling & Associates today to schedule a free introductory meeting if you are ready for us to manage your wealth.