We invest your portfolio using tax-efficient strategies like location optimization and only use no-load, low-cost mutual funds to create a diversified portfolio. 

Tax-efficient investing keeps more money in your portfolio

The first step to achieving your financial goals is to complete an in-depth financial plan. This plan typically costs about $1,500 to $3,000. After the completion of your financial plan, you can choose the service most adapted to your needs:


You manage your portfolio

Our professional guidance

Pay monthly

Ideal for young professionals

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Wealth Management

We manage your portfolio

We do it all for you

Advanced year-end tax planning

Ideal for retirees or executives

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Successful investing is done with careful thought and planning. It’s a step-by-step process starting with an evaluation of your personal and financial goals. Your age, risk tolerance, income tax bracket, and required rate of return all come into play when determining your investment strategy.

Your portfolio performance is determined in three ways:

Asset allocation

Contrary to media outlets focusing on the latest hot investment, the majority of your investment gains are determined by the asset allocation of the portfolio. This is the mix between stocks and bonds. We don’t try to hide this fact. Investing is simple if you focus on the most important factor.

Location optimization

The after-tax return of your portfolio can be increased with proper location optimization. This is the strategic positioning of investments in the three account types : taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free. For example, after-tax returns can be increased by holding income generating investments such as bonds in an IRA and holding appreciating assets such as small cap stocks in a taxable account.

Investor Behavior

Investors sell when investments decrease. Unfortunately they never guess the right time to buy. This is an example of emotional investing that results in buying high and selling low, the opposite of what you want. We help you do it right ! As your coach and financial educator, we help ensure you stay the course to meet your financial needs.

Are you ready ?

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