As wealth managers and CPAs, the tax team at Rowling & Associates can handle your tax preparation knowing your financial goals with a complete understanding of your personal situation. 

Many people attempt to complete their own tax preparation with software programs. However, tax laws are so complex that even a simple “software-assisted” return can contain errors. And many of these errors can cost you money you don’t owe!

We prepare both Federal and state tax returns for individuals and businesses with a specialty in individual, partnership, LLC, and corporate taxation. We also help our clients with IRS audits and amend incorrect returns from previous years. As an R&A client, you know your tax returns are completed professionally and accurately, your goals are attainable, and help is just a phone call or email away.

Call the CPAs at Rowling & Associates to schedule a free introductory meeting to learn about the benefits of having your financial advisor handle your tax preparation.