Fulfill your gifting legacy by knowing your options and utilizing smart charitable planning strategies to make your gift go farther.

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There are many ways to give to non-profit organizations that champion issues and causes close to your heart. The financial professionals at Rowling & Associates can explain different charitable planning options such as:

  • Donor advised funds: If you want flexibility and great tax benefits, then a donor advised fund could be the way to go. You get an immediate tax deduction and can gift the money to non-profits in future years.
  • Highly-appreciated assets: Donating appreciated stock or mutual fund shares can be a great tax strategy. You avoid tax on the gain while deducting for the full market value.
  • Tax-free donation from your IRA: You can make a tax-free donation from your IRA to a non-profit – avoiding tax on the distribution.

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IRAs and Charitable Giving – Why You Shouldn’t Wait!

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QCDs: A great way to gift wisely this holiday season

As we head towards the end of 2018, tax planning is a topic of increasing importance to many people. One question that comes up particularly often, especially in this time of changing tax laws, is “How can I lower the amount of taxes I owe?” If you’ve been taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from an IRA, a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) may be just the thing for you.