Today’s markets call for a streamlined approach to investment management. Save time, money and resources by outsourcing investment strategy and research tasks to our experienced portfolio managers.

Reinvent your business through our efficient and
low-cost investment strategy and research platform.

Powered by the insight and time-tested practices of nationally recognized Rowling & Associates, InStrategy provides a comprehensive solution for a flat annual fee of $6,000.

  • Recommended Asset Allocation Models based on Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Mutual Fund Research and Recommendations
    • Preferred mutual funds – for DFA and non-DFA advisors
    • Alternate mutual funds for tax loss harvesting
    • Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) specific funds
    • 529 plans for college funding
  • Ongoing Alerts
    • Fund change recommendations
    • Tax loss harvesting opportunities
  • Client Communications
    • Quarterly, white label newsletter
    • Timely communications to respond to significant financial or world events
  • Tax Management
    • Year-end capital gain distribution avoidance guidance
  • Investment Research summaries


Investment Research for Advisors