Create a retirement plan with the fee-only financial planners and CPAs at Rowling & Associates.

Friends celebrating a retirement party at the beach.

A retirement plan encompasses financial planning, investments, and taxes into one efficient track. It is difficult to think about retirement without getting confused over all the tax rules and how they impact you. That is why Rowling & Associates has several CPAs on the team to work along side our CFP professionals to analyze your unique set of circumstances and opportunities.  

Death and taxes are two certainties in life. How much tax you pay is a different story!

Our Certified Financial Planner professionals act as a fiduciary to create your retirement plan with taxes top-of-mind. There are numerous areas of your retirement plan that revolve around tax law. Here are just a few tax-related situations that might apply to you:

  • Create a tax-smart saving strategy to fully utilize employer and self-employed plan options
  • Execute stock options in the most tax-beneficial method
  • Use charitable contributions to achieve gifting goals while maximizing tax savings
  • Convert IRA funds into Roth IRAs to fill up the lowest Federal tax brackets
  • Calculate breakeven points on when to start Social Security
  • Downsize your home and carryover your real estate tax rate
  • Analyze and understand the pro and cons of pension distribution options between lump sum versus monthly benefit
  • Manage Adjusted Gross Income to avoid paying higher income-based Medicare premiums

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