Life insurance may not be something you want to discuss. However, if you want to take care of your family, you need to think about it.

You may have a life insurance policy that your work provides, but is it enough? Or you may have no life insurance and figure that your will or trust will protect your family. Chances are that it won’t.

You need to know if your current policy is the right policy for you and your family. So, how do you determine how much life insurance coverage is enough? Simple, with help and guidance.

The financial planners at Rowling & Associates in San Diego will sit down with you to discuss your specific needs. Based on your goals, we will create a customized analysis to calculate how much life insurance you may need. And, because Rowling & Associates receives no compensation for recommending a specific life insurance (or any financial product for that matter), you will get an unbiased opinion.

Finding the best life insurance options for your needs

It doesn’t matter if you have insurance or if you have just explored the options, you may have heard terminology like “term insurance,” “whole life coverage,” “variable life insurance,” and “universal life coverage.” It can be confusing.

We prefer term life insurance, although you have the option of reviewing other types of policies. The main reasons we recommend term insurance include:

  • Premiums tend to be more affordable than those of other types of insurance.
  • The payment method is more straightforward.
  • There are fewer variables than other policies.
  • It is considered “pure” insurance.

Once you know your insurance needs, we will refer you to low-cost, independent insurance brokers that only work with the clients of fee-only financial planners. However, you are also encouraged to shop around to find the best rate for your policy.