Starting a new job is overwhelming. Employee benefits are confusing and big decisions need to be made in a short amount of time

A group of employees in a team building huddle

Ideally, you would like to take the time to do the research, have a solid foundation of knowledge to ask Human Resources additional questions, and then make informed decisions based on careful consideration. But life gets in the way; getting up to speed in your new job takes precedent, you never dive through all the paperwork you are handed at hiring, and perhaps you don’t understand all the options and benefits you have at your disposal. You might be forced to make a hasty decision without considering the long-term consequences, which can drastically affect your retirement timeframe, current or future tax liabilities, or limit the protection you and your loved ones have to weather unforeseen circumstances financially unscathed.

We want to help you make informed decisions about your employee benefits from the beginning of a long career at an amazing company. 

The following is just some of the research we do for our clients to ensure that they are making the best choices when it comes to their employee benefits.

  • We make sure you never miss out on “free money” or employer matches to your contributions.
  • We outline the pros and cons of deferred compensation plans and compare these to other long-term saving strategies.
  • We help you take advantage of Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), and make sure your medical needs are met by your health insurance options
  • We want you to have enough life and long-term disability insurance and review any policies that are included within your benefits package to determine if they are adequate for your needs or if supplemental coverage might be needed.
  • We review all stock options and make sure your current and future tax liabilities are considered from the beginning.

Ultimately, we want your employee benefits to help you improve your progress towards retirement and provide you with additional protections as needed.  You deserve to know that you are taking advantage of all your employee benefits offer.

We are now releasing employer guides which explain how you can take advantage of your specific employee benefits.  Contact us to request a guide made for your employer.