Life is an adventure… It’s been thirty years since the founding of Rowling & Associates. Throughout the years, our team has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals while advising them through the stages of their lives. And, of course, we have gone through many of the same stages as our clients in those thirty years. To celebrate this milestone, Rowling & Associates is publishing Your Financial Travel Guide to Life. No matter your age or stage in life, this travel guide will provide insights, quotes, tips and must-do’s during your travels.

“Life is a journey; one in which you might encounter any number of financial decisions that can either help you down the path toward financial success or hinder your progress. ”
-Sheryl Rowling

Based on Sheryl’s 30-year career as an award winning and highly acclaimed financial advisor, this book provides the critical advice and guidance people need, tailored to their specific stage in life.

Your Financial Travel Guide to Life Book Cover

This easy-to-read personal finance book, co-authored by members of the Rowling & Associates team, contains many insights, quotes, tips and “must-do’s” designed to help people meet their long term goals through a common-sense approach to managing their financial resources.  The book is structured into three sections:

  • The Adventurer Years: Early working years, 25-45 years of age
  • Vacations and Getaways: Later working years, 45 – 65 years of age
  • Cruises and Elderhostels: Retired years – 65 years and onward

Each section contains unique articles that are specific to the financial situations that typically arise during those periods of life. Designed to be a starting point to push further discussion, research and introspection, the advice and guidance provided will enable readers to be more confident and decisive in their financial choices.

“I wrote this book to help people navigate the many financial crossroads they encounter along their expedition of life, making sure to include not only advice about prudent financial decisions, but also to encourage them to have fun along the way, and to enjoy the best that life can offer.”
-Sheryl Rowling