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We enjoy making the complicated financial world simple for our clients. From short blog posts to full articles and even videos, financial professionals Sheryl Rowling and Steve Doster explain the topics that are important to you. There are also blog posts by our younger team members addressing the financial issues the X and Y Generations are dealing with now.
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How To Get Rich

Getting "rich" is having the financial ability to live your lifestyle as you desire without having to work

How Much Are You Paying For Financial Advice?

If you are currently using or considering using a financial advisor, please know this: Unless your advisor can clearly state that he or she is a fee-only RIA, you won't know how much you are paying.

The four C’s are not just for finding the perfect diamond

If you’re a client of Rowling & Associates, we (of course!) believe you made the right decision. If you’re not currently a client and unsure of how to judge an advisor, we recommend looking at the four "C's"

Worried about Retirement?

Are you concerned about retiring? Afraid you'll run out of money? Here a few simple concepts to help you feel more confident about your retirement.

Identity Theft and the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service recently issued a warning to taxpayers: Watch out for identity theft at tax time!

Why Real Advisors are Better than Robo-Advisors

Robo investing, although easy, is not the same thing as comprehensive wealth advisory services. For those looking for more than just account level “multiple choice” investing, there’s not a substitute for a good financial advisor.

The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Market Volatility

The stock market is going crazy. When it bumps up, we're all happy. When it drops, especially more than one day in a row, we panic. We can't control the market; all we can do is react - or not.

The Market and Your Portfolio

Are you worried about the market? Concerned about the impact on your portfolio? Or just want to be updated?

A Simple Way To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

There’s a reason the average American household has about $16,000 in credit card debt. There are a few different strategies to tackle credit card debt.

Questions about the market

As the market moves around, I thought I would take this time to address some common questions. When you know the market is going down, why don’t you get us out of stocks? The truth is that nobody knows what the market will do. Sure, the media “talking heads” all profess to know, but they only get attention for sensationalism, […]