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Helping Loved Ones Maintain Suitable Living Arrangements

Helping an aging adult move out of a current home is both emotionally and practically complex. We all want our loved ones to maintain suitable living arrangements. To help, you need to first evaluate their situation, know the available options in their community, and then enable your loved one to make a responsible and informed decision.

Considering Marriage

With the demise of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act), now all couples can ask "Should we get married?" If you are considering marriage, your main consideration should obviously be whether or not you want to get married! Assuming the answer is yes, you will need to weigh the importance of the financial impacts vs. your personal preferences.

Will you be hit by IRMAA in 2018?

Are you turning 65 next year and about to start Medicare? Will you have high income while you are on Medicare? If yes, you are most likely going to be a victim of IRMAA – Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts. Much like the storm, this too will put a dent in your pocket, in terms of higher Medicare premium amounts every month. But unlike the storm from which there was no escape, a few planning techniques can go a long way in saving you some of that hard-earned money.

Understanding Residency Status in California

Thousands flock to California each year for the beautiful weather, warm beaches and pleasant scenery. It is very common for a person to have a vacation home here while maintaining an entirely separate life in another state.

The “F” word no one wants to talk about

Funerals: The topic no one wants to discuss. We plan for other important life events like weddings, vacations, and college, why not this? It could be something your family will really thank you for, even though you may not get to hear it.

The State of Your Estate

This is a tough subject that most people don’t want to think about until it’s too late. Yet these few basic actions can save lots of time and frustration when a need arises.

Time To Get Out Of Cash? Stocks? Bonds?

In these uncertain times, clients and advisors both are seeking answers and predictions on how to invest. We always fall back on staying the course through diversification. But, what if it’s different this time?

Compound It!

The power of compounding can give you a greater accumulation of funds by saving regularly and early.

Do I need to save to my 401(k) in my 20’s or 30’s?

Financial planning is best done by focusing on the big picture and then hammering down the details required to make it a reality. Your financial plan is more of a mosaic than a big canvas painting; a combination of diverse elements forming a coherent whole.

Downsizing Your Home: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It might be time to give up on your dream home! Even though it is exactly what you wanted, maybe you raised your kids in that home or spent 25 years there, you might realize that the upkeep needed to maintain it takes too much time, energy, and money. Downsizing your home might be an option you should consider.