Rowling & Associates takes great pride in our mission and core values.

  • Our Mission: To provide clients financial security through sound advice and a commitment to exceptional service.
  • Our Vision: To maintain lifelong relationships with clients and their families, enriching lives by achieving their financial and personal goals.

Our core values


We believe knowledge, experience, and skills acquired through continuous education and experience is invaluable. We use all facts, perspectives, and information in our advice and service.


Truthfulness and honesty motivate our actions.


Trust is measured as a belief in the honesty, benevolence, and competence of one another. We strive to create and sustain trust with our clients and amongst all team members.


Teamwork ultimately leads to the best decisions and most valuable client service. R&A is one team; all members actively engage in our firm’s success through cooperation and sharing ideas, information, and opinions.


In our role as trusted financial advisors, individually and as a company, we fully understand our obligation to be vigilant stewards and accept responsibility for our actions, decisions, and all that is entrusted to us.


Diversity can enrich all our lives. We live in a nation made up of many different cultures, languages, races, and backgrounds. We respect our clients’ and team members’ individuality.